No plans for that at present though. Congratulations on becoming lead cutter. I am not surprised you are struggling. AND now see vlog 249 which is an updated version of vlog 66 for 2021. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8b7c08d506d7dd3f0e343eff607147e" );document.getElementById("ga9fca26c7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. So frustrating for you to have a boat and be unable even to visit! A. Petrol gennys are much cheaper, a couple of hundred quid, but you have all the issues of storing petrol safely on board (it being extremely flammable of course) and of accessing it since most wharfs and marinas dont sell it so you have to trek along a road to the nearest garage with a canister in hand. You can follow David on Twitter and Facebook. Hi David, and if not somewhat belated i wish for you a very Happy , interesting and evocative new year sir. You can just rock up at a hire firm or brokerage, pay your money and head off down the canal with no experience, test or licence whatsoever. Thank you for a lovely gentle series of programmes. Cruising the Cut. Well I think you are really bold vloger that has the courage to admit that as you lost your spark you rather stop doing it. Regards from South Africa Is it cold in winter?No! Cheers! The shell (hull) was built by G&J Reeves and the interior fit-out was by Millburn Boats. Im all up to seeing more documentary type videos. Best of luck to you regardless of how you spend this coming year. A history of canals was something I was going to suggest as a diversion, pleased to learn you are already on it. Just watched the episode about Fazeley and Tamworthmy home town, even though I now live in Montana, USA! Have a look at Vlog 74 which is all about heating on narrowboats. How did the boats of old go through tunnels without a towpath? Camera wont pick anything up. All my life after the age of fourteen when I got my drivers license (driving license to you Brits, I believe) I have always enjoyed aimlessly driving about on the miles of back roads as a form of relaxing entertainment. Cruising the Cut. All the navigations on the canal, even the tight corners can be easily turned by using the tiller, as can most maneouvres such as mooring. You are here: Home 1 / Uncategorized 2 / is david johns narrowboat married is david johns narrowboat married 10/03/2023 / margaritaville tropical punch nutrition facts / in kiel james patrick parents / by / margaritaville tropical punch nutrition facts / in kiel james patrick parents / by For a typical video which will have taken me a day to film plus two to three more days to script, edit and upload, I might earn maybe 20-30 ish for each 10,000 views it gets. Posted on Published: November 24, 2018 - Last updated: September 28, 2020. . Ep 8. Thanks John. After 13 years of doing this and working in radio, I decided to chuck it all in and buy a narrowboat to cruise around the canals on. isaac ropp salary; cornell university graduation 2022; how do international calling cards work; daniela ryf coach I have been working all through the Christmas period, obviously without being able to see my family, worrying about them and every day worrying about what I might be picking up at work and bringing home to my wife and two young children. We had a very similar experience when, on a sunny day in late March, David Johns came to visit us and record an episode for his canal-based vlog Cruising the Cut. Our first guests arrived at Tewkesbury Marina for a day trip on our very first weekend on the River Avon - although we actually went up the Severn with them, as they live in a village right on the Severn's banks. If you still refuse then eventually legal proceedings begin with the CRT having the contractual right to remove your boat from the water. Only in peak summertime are you likely to approach the solar panels maximum output and even then only when the sun is high.In spring and autumn, any solar is very variable and in winter its negligible plus the hours of daylight are much shorter too and the angle of the sun much lower (Its not always possible to angle the panels at the sun and even so, the other factors mean the resulting power will be far less than in summer).On an average 57 foot narrowboat you have space for about 2.3kW of solar. Cheers, P.S. Hence its not generally advised! Call Us Today! Season 2. If you share it via YOUTUBE, nice and if I dont like the video I can move on to something else (dont think it will happen with your videos however!) Cheers. None the less, whatever direction you do endup taking, stopping the videos, new boat, new location etc etc, i wish for you nothing but the very best and thank you for the dedication you have had to your channel, for sharing your travels and life aboard your boat. Enjoyed your informative and sometimes witty scripts and your video quality is excellent. You know, its beginning to sound like youre missing your TV reporting days. But no boats have them and there are no disposal facilities for grey water, so its not going to change.The abundance of fish and wildlife on the canals suggests it really isnt an issue! An unheated boat in winter even in Spring or Autumn would be cold but thats precisely why narrowboats have heating installed. Whats your fuel consumption?Ive never measured it but narrowboats typically drink 1-1.5 ltr/hour. My tank is 62 gallons (282 litres) and I just tend to refill it when I remember, after a few weeks cruising. He chucked his job, sold his house, bought an old school, live-aboard fifty-six foot "narrow boat," and started chugging along the extensive network of bucolic British canals at two miles an hour.. Thank you very much and stay safe!! Take care. Most boats go along at 2-3mph, except some hire boats which are typically trying to get around a set cruising ring in a very short time such as a week. Also, due to the shallowness of much of the canal network, any blacking on the baseplate would be quickly scraped off in many areas. Your best bet is to phone a few, get a feel for what they offer, and ask around on the canal forums to see which ones people whove used them recommend. Damian. modal fabric sublimation weird things to do in telluride david johns cruising the cut wife david johns cruising the cut wife. Thirdly, its not uncommon to drop a windlass into the canal by accident and it would be a very expensive mistake to do that with a cordless drill! Which guide books do you use?I use Nicholsons Guides because some of those were on the boat when I bought it so Im used to them. A couple of years ago there was extensive winter damage on some of the northern canals due to flooding which even raised up boats onto the towpath and left them there once the waters receeded. Thank you Fred, I am glad I can give you that canal enjoyment despite the distance! I have put together a (short) list with links of some of the best known hire firms but this does not constitute a recommendation: click here to see the list, What about a route, can you recommend one for us when hiring?Again, alas no. We do get lots of houseflies and occasional wasps etc but theyre just the normal summertime pests. Its a great idea about focusing on more human interest topics. Highland Dreamer, Thank you both and happy new year to you too! Documentary 2019. Sarah Snook in "Succession". Totally understandable, and while I enjoy your cruisin vids, can sure understand how what you do in life has got to have some fun in it and some, cant think of the word, but you have to enjoy what you do. Wish you a very happy New Year. Memphis, Tennessee 38120 To be clear, the recipe is buttered bread, with ingredients as just described, and thats it.I absolutely loathe mayo or any similar gunge, and I dont like salt, pepper or suchlike either. How deep are the canals?Not very; they only needed to be dug deep enough to float a barge full of tonnes of cargo, any deeper was wasted effort. Do continue to enjoy your boat. A narrowboat needs only 1-2kW to move along (once it has begun moving) thus a 20kWh battery pack could sustain 5-10 hours travel (presuming standard lead-acid tech ie 50% drawdown before recharge) and presuming the battery is not used for anything else aboard (though in reality most electric-focused boats use it for domestic purposes as well so the battery and solar system has to support that too)However, solar is not so reliable in the UK. Hi David Flute and Piano Teacher, Droitwich - Deborah Johns LTCL, LWCMD, AMEPTA Experienced Professional Piano, Flute and Music Theory Teacher in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Your show is a wealth of knowledge as well as entertaining! Thank you. Series ID 357060; Status Continuing First Aired July 23, 2015 Recent September 22, 2020 Network YouTube; Average . The handsome viaduct you filmed on Rugbys outskirts at Hillmoreton used to carry a railway line, long gone, now much used by bikers, walkers and horse riders. DJ. I just watched season 3 today. All fish must be returned to the canal alive except non-native species which must not be returned. It looks different each time because of direction, season of the year and time of day. I have never suffered with anxiety, but just lately I really started to have some difficulty. Whos Deborah Johns? It was rest for the mind in this crazy 2020 year. Our reporter Sarah Saunders caught up with him for two. And indeed, Prime Season Four ended at approximately vlog 201 at the end of 2019 so there is still some cruising from 2020 (when pandemic restrictions were lifted for a while) as well as many other videos since, which I hope you will enjoy either here on this website or on my YouTube channel which is where all new content is posted. So a huge thanks for your wonderful videos, youve been a link to the canals for us. [1] Career [ edit] As of April 2022 however, I have moved off the boat (for the reasons why, see my explanation video by clicking here). Its only the ads that pay, I get nothing for views of the videos themselves unless youre a member of YouTube Premium. I spent happy hours walking the Oxford canal (gongoozeler) and its rich wildlife. I must admit I do enjoy your interview vlogs and hope that you can carry on with that side of boating. The YouTuber is pretty secretive about finances. I started watching the series on amazon and was really interested. This has been such a lonely, odd year. After cruising the cut since 1975, starting with hire boats, then owned boats and shared boats I have since my widowhood enjoyed hotel boats. In his second year of narrowboat ownership, David Johns took it on a more extensive voyage involving five rivers, one Victorian boat lift, many canals and a lot of wildlife! Oh, I can imagine just how your wife is pleased! Fan made playlist of the Crusing the Cut vlog, in chronological order. If you start doing mini documentaries about the channels, and perhaps some history, about the building of the channels, and interesting places along the channels I am sure it will be nice Id love to do some of the French canals though. Cheers, Do you need a TV licence on a boat?This is a more complicated subject than you might imagine. Buy HD 0.99. Watch with a free Prime trial. Even aground, however, the local resources and people help out at distance. Bear in mind the boats pivot in the middle so as you turn, the back end is going out. 13+. Oh, how amusing that you wanted to chat with the saleswoman about narrowboats! In which David leaves his travelling companions behind and continues solo along the beautiful Trent & Mersey canal. This giant iron structure lifts boats from the Trent and Mersey canal down to the River Weaver below, and vice versa. Im 53 and used to work as a local TV news reporter for ITV in the south east of England. There is always something you will have missed previously. of thousands of video views to get any sensible money. How about putting up some links to what you consider your best of videos? I enjoy living on the boat but alas the joy of cruising is gone so I shall likely not cover any ground again. What does it cost to live aboard a canal boat?There are a huge number of variables which mean there is no simple answer to what does it cost? Please make a cup of tea, get comfortable and take a look at my Vlog 66, Vlog 67 and Vlog 68 plus the more recent Vlog 213, all of which go into the costs in excruciating detail. I see a lot o vlogers that their routine is so boring so you can see that they dont have any more interesting things to show or tell apart from the every day coffee making (in US) or tea sipping (in GB). My other idea for you is to take over where Huel Howser (Californias Gold) left off and begin interviewing everybody associated with the canals including random lock volunteers and the maybe several owners of those majestic homes you fancy along the banks. I hope you know how much appreciated your and your colleagues are and I really do hope you begin to get some relief soon. To clarify though (and as you will have no doubt noticed from this website), I am still producing videos about canals, just not cruising on my own boat. Dear David, There he attempts his first canal lock, single-handed and meets a . Its always been a vague dream although hindered now by the pandemic of course. I hope to feel more energised about it all after a couple of months not doing it! Information . Cheers! The CRT has an excellent page explaining it all, at but I have also done a video all about it, see vlog 247 (The Leaudown). the fountains at championsgate hoa,