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With a broad and deep market experience, Zitin Tech Solutions can deploy professionals with a specific expertise across many industry segments. Our business and technical knowledge of our client’s initiatives gives our team a distinctive advantage to recruit the most qualified candidates for each project. Our industry expertise includes: Media and Entertainment, Insurance, Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare,Consumer Goods, Technology, Retail and more.


Zitin Tech Solutions has dedicated decades to envisioning and developing solutions designed to help our partners and clients get the most out of the latest technology. Over the years, we’ve built a rich and varied industry experience with clients coming from an arena of business sectors .Combining boundless innovation and the depth of our multidisciplinary team of professionals with our “go beyond” approach to service, Zitin Tech Solutions has the right resources to help companies like yours cultivate real business value at the right price.


Designed to reduce operational costs while complementing your unique technical and business objectives, Zitin Tech Solutions’s scalable solutions address the multifaceted challenges of mega-corporations and smaller companies around the world within the following industries:


The telecommunications industry is characterized by rapid innovation, briskly evolving technologies and unreliable customer loyalty. Amid intense global competition, mergers and increasing regulatory and legal compliance issues, telecom companies are learning how to adapt.

Facing unprecedented challenges and palpable pressure to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, organizations throughout the telecommunications industry are not only pushing to establish their brand power. They are also driving to communicate better and faster than their competitors through new channels and innovative services.


At Zitin Tech Solutions, we blend our industry knowledge, technological and functional expertise with our proven global delivery model to provide the solutions your business needs to:

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

With our deep expertise in the health care industry, Zitin Tech Solutions knows health care and pharmaceutical companies need to go beyond traditional business models to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities.


Zitin Tech Solutions can equip your health care enterprise with the strategic thinking and technology-driven innovation you require to compete more effectively and respond agilely no matter what path the health care industry’s evolution takes. We help you manage the required transformation without sacrificing critical resources in the process.

With our proven track record of assisting industry leaders, Zitin Tech Solutions can help health care and pharmaceutical companies:

Increased competition, patent expirations, and regulatory challenges are increasingly driving life sciences companies to focus on productivity and commercialization across their enterprise.


Particularly challenging is disparate patient and physician data, as well as sharing information across the enterprise. It’s a daunting task, complicated by non-industry-wide standards, traditionally independent departments within organizations, and expanded growth through mergers.


Zitin Tech Solutions delivers solutions to Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies with particular emphasis on the following business needs:

Clinical Patient Data

We deliver compliant solutions that facilitate sharing clinical data in healthcare.


Our solutions can capture clinical patient data electronically and then integrate that data from multiple sources, which allows our clients to track key clinical conditions, coordinate care, and report on care quality and public health.

Clinical Trial Portals

We deliver solutions that support drug testing and cost-effectively bring new and meaningful drugs to market faster.


Clinical trial portals enable pharmaceutical companies to securely communicate, share documents, and collaborate online. They can be extended as clinical trial management portals to facilitate enrolment of patients into drug trials and to capture patient medical data as they progress through the trial process.

Our operational approach and commitment to quality provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with time-tested project management techniques, customized engagement models and a proven track record of exceptional service and tangible business results.


Triggering Revolution Through Digital Revolution

From supply chain optimization to Big Data to ERP implementation support, we help our clients navigate a course to stay competitive in a fast changing market.  We help manufacturers harness opportunities found in the world of digital transformation and work to target their investment dollars so that operations and the supply chain are working in harmony.


Our team of engineers will bring the future into focus by collaborating on new technologies to capture data and application integration to drive efficiency across the manufacturing business landscape.

Consumer Goods

It’s more important than ever for consumer goods companies to be flexible and agile enough to respond quickly to ever-changing consumer demographics and preferences. Despite spiralling R&D budgets and product commoditization, companies need to develop goods that not only meet consumer demands but which also redefine them.

To remain price-competitive and consumer-savvy, companies need up-to-the-minute market intelligence and greater operational agility. Whether you are looking for growth, operational efficiencies or workforce transformation, Zitin Tech Solutions has the onshore and offshore resources you need to succeed.

Backed by years of experience and proven tools and techniques, Zitin Tech Solutions has the expertise you need in product innovation, trade promotions, supply chain optimization, analytics systems, formulation and packaging, farm to fork tracking, food safety compliance and more.


Knowing the consumer demand management chain is critical to success, we provide solutions for the entire value chain – from the point of procurement to production/processing all the way to the point of sale.

MIZ Tech innovative solutions and services are designed to boost your business’s potential by:

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With many years of experience in the world of logistics and supply chain, we understand the challenges companies face in the modern economy. This experience helps design and build innovative technology solutions for our customers.


Zitin Tech provides digital transformation services to the logistics industry and helps harness competitiveness by implementing cutting edge solutions to meet the rapid changes that engulf the supply chain world.

Information Technology

Information technology organizations, from online companies to software vendors to hi-tech manufacturers, face the need to embrace change and accelerate transformation. To succeed in this highly competitive market, they must position themselves to constantly innovate and respond quickly to market demands and trends.


Zitin Tech Solutions knows information technology companies want solutions that couple superior product and support services to provide enhanced value while limiting risk and reducing costs.


Backed by diverse and deep experience, Zitin Tech Solutions is proud to count some of the technology industry’s most successful companies among our clients.

Zitin Tech solutions help information technology companies to:

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